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  • ChatGPT 3.5Open AI Model
  • 14 AI Templates
  • 1500Words per month
  • 10Images per month
  • 2Speech to Text per month
  • 2 MBAudio file size limit
  • AI Chat
  • AI ReWriter
  • AI Images
  • AI Code
  • AI Blog Wizard
  • Speech to Text
  • Text To Speech
Package offering advanced features
  • GPT-4 Turbo with visionOpen AI Model
  • 71 AI Templates
  • 10000Words per month
  • 500Images per month
  • 100Speech to Text per month
  • 10 MBAudio file size limit
  • AI Chat
  • Chat Real Time Data
  • AI Plagiarism
  • AI Detector
  • AI ReWriter
  • AI Vision
  • AI PDF Chat
  • AI Images
  • Stable Diffusion Images
  • AI Code
  • AI Blog Wizard
  • Speech to Text
  • Text To Speech
  • Custom Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Yes, you can signup for Starter package

We offer free and paid plans. For 12 CHF monthly you can already enjoy full power of AI companion, and for large volumes you can choose professional option. You can even contact us for large volumes

We support many languages based on our large learning models connected to open AI

You can use our free package and generate certain amount of content already. For more content volumes, check our packages
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